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Gear Review – GORUCK Full Panel Tac Hat

A couple months ago I was in the market for a new hat. Being a bald guy, I wear a hat almost every day for protection from sun/cold/etc. Because of this I tend to be very picky when it comes to hats. The hat I was looking for had to have a few qualities:

  1. Multicam – Obviously I’m outdoors a lot and like to blend in. I’m not a camo fan-boy who needs the latest and greatest camo technology. It’s just that I live where the desert meets the mountains and I’ve found that Multicam is the most effective camouflage for transitioning between these environments.
  2. Not covered in Velcro – Most tactical hats on the market today have the 2″x3″ Velcro patch on the front for putting on a flag patch. I like this because I have ADD a bunch of patches. The problem for me arises when they also put Velcro on the top for an IR/IFF patch, on the back for a name tape, on the sides for morale patches and so on. I am not a high-speed, cool-guy operator. I am not concerned about a friendly hellfire missile hitting my AO while I’m hunting squirrels. I am concerned about looking like a douche-canoe wannabe SEAL at the mall. So one flag patch on the front, nothing else.
  3. Tough as nails – I’m hard on my gear and it has to be durable. If it won’t handle a year of constant hard-use it’s a waste of money.
  4. Made in the USA – This is not an absolute, 100% every time requirement; there is plenty of quality gear made overseas. That said, if I have the choice between buying a high-quality product made in the USA by Americans making a living wage, and buying a possibly good, possibly bad quality product made in a jungle sweatshop by a 12 year-old Asian kid making 18 cents a day, I’m spending the extra money for U.S. Made.
  5. Adjustable Velcro Strap on the Back – I like to adjust the size and velcro doesn’t break like the metal tabs on other hats.

Enter the Tac Hat by GORUCK. It is one of two hats that met all the criteria above. I went with this one because the material is a little bit tougher than the other one I was looking at. Here’s the rundown.

Tac Hat 1

The material is 1000D Cordura Nylon, the same stuff your heaviest backpack is made of. It’s really stiff when it’s fresh out of the box but it softens as the hat breaks in. The patch Velcro is solid too. It’s a subdued greenish/brownish color and well attached to the hat. Really, all of the stitching on the hat is bomb proof.

Tac Hat 4

As you can see in the pictures, there isn’t a ton of velcro all over the place. Also, there’s no button on top of the cap so it won’t dig into your head if you’re using ear protection at the range or wearing a helmet over the hat.

Tac Hat 3

The underside of the bill is covered in fuzzy cloth that you can stick extra patches on if you want to. I attach a mini LED light covered in velcro under there for map reading at night. Instant headlamp! The only label on the hat is on the inside of the hat band. Little things like that matter. Finally, it is made in the USA by a company owned by a former Special Forces operator.

I only have two complaints about the hat. Because of the heavy duty material, it can get a bit hot at times. Everything is a trade off and this is one I don’t mind making. The durability is worth the heat. The other problem I had is that the hat is cut a bit large in the crown and doesn’t always break in the way I would like it shaped. I solved this issue by throwing a couple stitches in on the sides.

Tac Hat 2

I have had this hat since the beginning of December and have worn it nearly every day since then. I am very happy with the quality and highly recommend it to anybody who might be in the market for a new cover. NV Woodsman Approved.

You can pick this up from GORUCK.

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