The Beginning

The beginning is, obviously, not the beginning. I have been hiking, fishing, camping, and doing some hunting for years now, but, because of two events this week, I feel like I am on the beginning of a new journey.

I have always wanted to get into big game hunting, but never really knew how to approach everything. The first event was this last weekend: I took a┬áHunter Education class, earned the hunters safety card, and can now buy a hunting license. Everything I’ve hunted up to now has not needed a hunting license (coyote, hogs, jackrabbits, etc.)

The second event was getting my first archery kill. I bought a used compound bow a couple weeks ago and have been practicing with my buddy Matt nearly every day since then. (Matt has been an excellent and patient mentor.) The area where we shoot has a lot of jackrabbits in the surrounding hills. One rabbit, a large male, came within range and I managed to get a hit. He didn’t leave much of a blood trail and tracking him was very difficult, but eventually I managed to find him. The rabbit is now in my freezer and his hide is drying in the back yard. The meat will be made into sausage and the fur will be used for fly tying material. Taking a jackrabbit with an arrow at twenty yards will not seem like a great feat to any experienced bowhunter, but it means a lot to me.


I believe hunting is an integral part of being an outdoorsman, and I am very excited to learn more and grow as both a hunter and a woodsman.

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Good To Be Back and Kory’s First Coyote Hunt

It’s been a while and it’s good to be back. The holiday season was busy but enjoyable. Great food and great family. I hope you were just as blessed.

Last week I took Kory out for her first coyote hunt. We got skunked but had a good time being in the boonies together.

photo 2

photo 1

photo 3

Some people question predator hunting as it yields only fur and no meat. I have a few arguments in favor of predator hunting.

  1. Killing an animal for its meat is not ethically superior to killing an animal for its fur. Furs sold are income that puts food on the table, just as meat taken puts food on the table.
  2. Predators are taught to be afraid of humans. Studies show time and time again that when predators are not hunted they lose their fear of humans. As a result pets, livestock and even humans are injured and killed.
  3. Humans are a part of the environment and the food chain, not apart from it.
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